Pre-funding your funeral is way to shelter funds ahead of time to be used towards funeral related expenses at time of death. The funds grow over time and are not included as an asset to an individual that may need medical assistance.

Final expenses may be pre-paid in two basic ways:

  1. Through final expense insurance.
  2. Through an irrevocable funeral trust.

Final expense insurance is a whole life insurance policy with an irrevocable assignment. This insurance is not included as an asset to an individual that may need medical assistance.

Benefits of final expense insurance:

  • No income tax on growth.
  • Can pay lump some or make payments over time.
  • Allows an individual to fully fund their funeral expenses.
To set aside funds for your funeral expenses please contact the funeral home (507-451-7943 or and we will be happy to assist you with the necessary application or answer any questions you may have.

Medical Assistance Guidelines

The Minnesota Department of Human Services implements policies regarding eligibility criteria for medical assistance (MA). The state law requires Minnesota to follow guidelines set by Supplemental Security Income (SSI). Your county social workers have information about MA in general. This information will focus on pre-funding your funeral and eligibility for MA.

Insurance / Annuities

The Minnesota Department of Human Services excludes life insurance policies and annuities in an unlimited amount that have been written for funeral or burial expenses if: 

  • You have a "statement of good and services selected" attached to your policy showing that you have received fair and equitable value with your policy.
  • The policy has an irrevocable primary beneficiary listed as "any funeral home as its interests may appear."
  • The contingent beneficiary is the estate.


When using a trust to pre-fund your funeral, SSI guidelines divide the trust into two different sections: 

  • One section is called "Professional Services" which is limited to $1,500 or $2,000 depending on your circumstances.
  • The other section is called "burial space items" and is unlimited. Items included are casket, vault, cemetery lot, urn, marker, grave opening and closing fees.
There are several variations depending on your circumstances and you should check with us for specific details if you think you may have to apply for MA or SSI.

If your county social worker has questions or concerns about this, please call Michaelson Funeral Home at 507-451-7943 and we can work with him or her.

Travel Protection

As a unique service to the families we serve, we are pleased to offer Travel Protection as a part of certain pre funded funerals.  

The Travel Protection is part of the insurance that is used for pre-funding funerals.  It can be for virtually anyone who travels now or plans to travel in the future, as well as those who winter away from home.  It gives families an additional amount of monies available at the time of death to help cover potential expenses incurred when death occurs away from home.

To arrange for a prefunded burial which includes travel protection, contact Michaelson Funeral Home (507-451-7943) or and we will be happy to meet with you to answer questions or fill out the necessary application form.

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